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pari passu

Nothing says the first real day of "why hello there Fall, you're right around the corner" like a fuzzy sweater and giant cup of steaming tea.

And the rest of it? The 210 pages of econ readings on fertility decline in sub-saharan Africa and my squinty-eyes and lack of a social life on a Friday night? Those only scream "grad student gone mad".
Apparently three years out and I'm still terrible at studying. Maybe it's time to turn the internets off. Geesh.

venture revelation

In the last few months, I turned to scribbling my feelings on scraps of paper. I have SO MANY and until this week, hadn't been around a computer much.

I liked it better when I wasn't tethered down by wires.

Now I'm trying to find a job, am searching for a place to live, and soul searching for reasons why going to grad school here is the right decision. I spent all day attached to my phone, waiting for an interview that somehow didn't happen, and that feeling of expectation makes me sick. How do people live like this?

Familiar soundtrack: parent yelling in the kitchen. How did I end up back here?

On the plus side? Erm. Sleeping in is nice?


That was ... really funny. Huh. :)

LJ - hi! and a pie in the sky

Things that I have done in the last 24-hours:

- Made fantastic banana bread. In a casserole dish. And then ate too much. With copious amounts of milk.

- Signed up for my second 5K. Possible guilty side effect of aforementioned previous listed line item of SO MUCH BANANA BREAD. Or possibly something I've said for weeks I needed to do.

- Made ghetto-fab pizza. What is this, you ask?

It's when you stretch a couple spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce with ketchup to cover the handful of dough you stretched with cornmeal and covered in cheese leftovers and all the frozen vegetables you could find in the freezer that looked only slightly dodgy.

- MacGyver'ed my muffler back onto my car.

Thank goodness I was only a few blocks from work this time, instead of in the middle of highway traffic. I ruffled around in the basement of one of our houses and ended up hanging the muffler back up using plumming strap and copper that I stripped from some electrical wiring. FTW. Car is now sitting at the shop where it will be repaired for free because they "hung" it back up a month ago with a faulty piece. Thanks, jerks.

-Organized myself for the week. SO MUCH BUSY.

AmeriCorps Appreciation is tomorrow morning, Ira Glass is tomorrow night, Maryland Film Festival (volunteering) is all this weekend, Grad School forms are due ASAP, and I fly to Birmingham, AL on Sunday!


the impossible astronaut

I've never watched an episode of Doctor Who air live before!

This is FUN.

passover's a coming

I just sent out invitations to my first Passover Seder. Hosted by me. In the place where I live. (That sounds like a phrase I've heard somewhere before...)


I'm excited! Hmm. And freaked out beyond belief. Maybe they will all respond that they have cooler plans and out-of-town outings and then I get points for planning and sending cool invitations (two things I'm good at) without having to cook or host (two things I am very, very poor at doing).

Which reminds me of a story: We had a volunteer today who comes out all the time and has this wonderful way of saying something sucks by using positive language. Sometimes you just need the rush of an exclamation full of feeling, but when managing others and working with groups of people, I'm sure teachers and executives and coaches and all are instructed to speak this way.

Before: "Installing that door made a pain in the ass look easy."
After: "That could have gone smoother."

Before: "The last group of volunteers that painted in here couldn't hit the wall with a paintbrush properly to escape from a paper bag."
After: "That was one way to do it, but there are even better ways."

SO! What does this all mean? I don't know. It will probably depend on the number of people who RSVP. It could be three. It could be twenty.

... I did make some lofty statements about the matzoh ball soup. It might end up sealing my fate.
Having poison ivy has been the best thing to happen to my current knitting project.

OTOH, there is nothing good about having poison ivy.

that hasn't got much spam in it

Emails sent. That's one mark off on this weekend's To-Do list. I've managed to nurse the same cup of coffee for about two hours and will now move this lazy Sunday party to the couch to work on the crochet project of doom.

Gattaca is downloading for later, on the recommendation of ALL my coworkers, and bagels have been had.

What a good day! :)

Mar. 2nd, 2011

Today was one of those days where I got home and fumbled for the key to the apartment, and saw the dirt billowing off me in waves as I patted my pockets. I put Pigpen to shame!

On the other hand, I'd say I'm now a master bricklayer.

The learning curve here is so steep, it's a wonder that I don't fall off. And, in a Family Guy-esque digression, WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? I used to have an amazing sense of balance as a child. Was it the absence of a fear of falling that is now a Very Loud and Insistent fear of falling?
Screw the antagonists, the obstacles, the critics; the people in your way. Be crazy, be insane, be completely bonkers, but do it because you want to. Shock the world, take away its collective breath, and stun everyone into silence. And may they all applaud.

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