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Sarcasm. It's not just a job, it's an adventure.

The Point Theory is the rudimentary substratum of the fabricated universe.

17 October 1986
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According to Googlism; spiff is an intergalactic explorer extraodinaire.

Spiff is a peon to the cause who stopped searching for the point. She is currently temporarily deterred from world domination occupied at university trying not to become evil, and is a part-time monkey who fancies herself a writer.

She has a poodle who can moo. She can moo too. Main interests are anything Joss Whedon, anything HP, llamas, Israel, Draco Malfoy, and your left foot. This is not to be considered discriminatory to your right foot, since her moods have been known to change with considerable frequency.

Challah back.

"Personally, I hate reality. That's why I choose to live in a fantastical world of pixies and unicorns, with candy cane trees and marmalade skies..." - David Fury

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