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Ooh, it's all sticky! It's covered in jam!

What a clusterbomb of a day. The best intentions sometimes fail, and sometimes if you're really lucky, both things you attempt fail. On the bright side, I have been waiting for tomorrow for months. Perhaps years. We have tickets to see Eddie Izzard and I am SO EXCITED.

Since I had a houseguest a few weeks ago and she touched it, my shower head has been leaking out of the connector joints. No matter which way I moved it, it still dribbled. I took the entire thing down, tightened all the joints, taped the main one, and tested it and it seemed fine. This morning's shower was very generous. Instead of washing just my hair, I also did all the walls and half the ceiling. The other fix was a complete rookie mistake - the door closed just a little out of whack and without a set of chisels or a dremel on hand, I padded out one of the joints and didn't notice that I had over-adjusted until this morning when the door didn't shut and the shower decided to move its way into the hallway. All that and I hadn't even made it to work yet.


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May. 15th, 2014 08:39 pm (UTC)
All that before even leaving the house? Good job. I mean, like, you have to work to have all that go wrong before there was even coffee.

Have fun at Eddie Izzard tonight. Remember to choose cake.
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